Potato Innovation and Technology

There’s much more.

Canada’s potato expertise doesn’t end at top quality seed, tablestock and processed products.

We’re a leader in potato research and development. The Potato Research Centre is Canada’s potato centre of excellence. Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, it is the home of the national potato breeding program. The Potato Research Centre forms part of a nationwide network of researchers, consultants and crop advisors with international expertise in potato pathology, physiology, entomology and processing.

Our Elite seed production facilities are constantly developing and assessing improved methods of disease-free potato propagation and multiplication.

Canadian manufacturers design and construct specialized equipment and machinery for potato production and processing. Processors the world over look to Canadian engineering firms for technology and solutions.

Finally, we can package all of our expertise to offer clients complete, customized solutions for their every potato need. Whether it’s working with producers to improve agronomic practices and help boost yields; or introducing potatoes to a new cropping region; or helping producers introduce new varieties better suited to local markets – we have the expertise and can deliver results.

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